We are producing today with tomorrow’s know-how!

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Technology we use

  • CNC laser cutting technology
  • CNC punching technique
  • CNC bending technique
  • CNC turning and milling centers
  • WIG-, MIG-, MAG-welding
  • Machine and module assembly
  • Quality management system
  • ERP/MES Planning
  • CAD/CAM Development

Innovative and future oriented: Resch Maschinenbau

  • Over 50 years of production experience
    An impression is made if hard work is maintained.
    There is the know-how of over 50 years of experience supporting our production. “State of the Art” is our constant aim. The determination to belong to the best has always goaded us along and when you get to know our production this can be easily recognized. We want our production to be seen as the best and to convince customers accordingly.
  • Technologically always ahead
    This applies to the production at Resch Maschinenbau. It is only by keeping completely up-to-date with technology that we can keep up with the demands of the customers. Therefore only the best quality machines and tools are used throughout the whole production sector.
  • Enjoying problem solving
    The production team from Resch Maschinenbau proves this daily. The team thinks about the customer’s needs in order to be able to produce the optimal solution. In our production there is the combined knowledge of all our employees to be used to the advantage of our customers.