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Technological Information

  • Newest turning and milling centers available
  • Max. turning diameter 440 mm
  • Max. turning length 1500 mm
  • Max. capacity 90 mm

Turning: Well-rounded solutions for our customers

  • Multifunctional is the answer to the needs of our customers
    With regards to the turning range of our machines, they use a multi-axis turning technique which is a combination of turning and milling functions and which also has a 5-axis machining option and consequently we are able to give our customers the largest possible flexibility whilst reducing the non-productive times to a minimum. Our motto is: “Done in One” – the production procedure is done on one machine, in one run from the raw material to the finished product.
  • Achieving the optimum with creativity and enthusiasm
    In order to develop new production processes our engineers and expert skilled workers constantly look for new paths to follow. As is already the case with the programming we follow the maxim – Perfect down to the last detail. Regardless of whether we are working with a steady rest, a second spindle or with an integrated milling spindle we always try to achieve the best for our customers and we also give advice regarding the construction if it is found that through technical improvements we would be able to reduce the costs.