We are producing today with tomorrow’s know-how!

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Corporate Mission

  • Our employees...
    are our greatest strength
  • Our customers...
    are our most valuable asset
  • Our technology...
    is the mirror image of our thinking
  • Our leadership...
    is goal-oriented and cooperative
  • Our competitors...
    are our strongest motivator
  • Our suppliers...
    are an important basis for our success
  • Our environment...
    is our source of being

Creating values: "We are producing today with tomorrow’s know-how"

Our aim is, through perfect products and individual technical solutions to produce an added value for our customers. The following values enable us to achieve this goal:

Our employees are our greatest strength

Leitbild Mitarbeiter

We can only be successful if we work together. Qualified, motivated and enthusiastic employees are the foundation of our success. Each and every individual contributes with their own performance to the performance of the company as a whole.

Our customers are our most valuable asset

Leitbild Kunden

The needs of our customers determine our actions. We view the relationship with our customers as a partnership in which we deliver high quality products with efficient service. We believe that open and honest communication between us and the customer is the foundation for a successful working partnership.

Our technology is the mirror image of our thinking

Leitbild Technologie

In all aspects of our work we have the latest technology available and invest in the most modern and efficient equipment so that we are able to present our customers with highly competitive offer.

Our leadership is goal-oriented and cooperative

Leitbild Führung

Mutual goals have to be set, planned, decided upon and brought into being by the management of the company. The management personifies our values and principles and acts as an example for employees giving them stability, security and quality of life.

Our competitors are our strongest motivator

Leitbild Wettbewerber

Nothing improves our performance more than new challenges. Competition keens our instinct and enables us to develop new and creative solutions. At the same time remaining fair and having mutual respect for our competitors is of the utmost importance to us.

Our suppliers are an important basis for our success

Leitbild Lieferanten

When we are choosing our suppliers we pay particular attention to ensure that we find those who offer the highest quality and who are also at the same time extremely reliable. It is also important that the values with which the suppliers run their companies go along with those of the Resch Group.

Our environment is our source of being

Leitbild Umwelt

In all of our business activities we take particular care with regards to ecological, social and economic responsibilities. We are convinced that in spite of a company’s desire to achieve maximum profit it has a responsibility to the rest of society and should never neglect the weaker members.